Published August 12, 2017 by kaghos

I am getting things for the weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning done, grrr it was the bathroom day. Since it is expected to rain this weekend I had to make sure the grass was cut before the rain. For me being a couch potato for years that is a big project to do in one day. I usually do the front one day and the back another day but not today it was the entire yard. Had a good dinner and relax for the rest of the evening.



Published August 10, 2017 by kaghos

OMG Facebook technician wanted to get the into my computer. I said it is not the computer that is the problem somebody went and deleted my email and put there's. I can not get to my account and I explain this to them and they said it was cost 300 dollars to remove an email from my account and put mine in. I laugh and said funny because that was the amount Facebook tried to withdraw from my account with out me authorizing it. We're done I guess I will not be using Facebook anymore.

The end of Facebook and starting up my hobbies

Published August 9, 2017 by kaghos

Make a long story short, I managed to get deleted from Facebook. Fixing to do it anyway. I was being sucked in on the games and not getting things done nor caring about getting things done. So between yesterday and today I have been doing a lot of cleaning. And decluttering as well. Haven't started my hobbies yet, and I don't think I will be getting that starting until this weekend. This week is where I do my weekly and most monthly cleaning combine. That is it for now

Not much going on

Published April 9, 2014 by kaghos

I lost my will to cross stitch. I had it for a while about a month ago.  I hope to start up soon 
! Debating on rotating after every hundred stitches or keep the same on for the day. I think I would feel like I’ve done more to keep the same project for the day be taking pictures soon.

the pictures

Published January 21, 2013 by kaghos

first picture is book of dream chocolate lover, , after that is is a Marbek victorian angel. the next ones  is a HAED named American angel, after that the last two are a Randel Spangler HAED well read cat and ebony and ivory.